Pies & Tarts

Have a family favorite recipe? Bring in any pie or tart and have a chance to win a ribbon!

Gluten-Free Goodies

Bake something special like you would for your lover (or yourself)! We're looking forward to seeing what you bring.


Other Delectables

What do you LOVE to bake? Make that! Maybe it's bread, maybe it's empanadas, maybe it's...? Show us!

Cookies & Bars

Bake the ones you love to eat! Whatever you love, we'll love! Brownies are welcome, too.

Cakes & Cupcakes 

We hope you'll have fun with this and bring in something yummy and maybe even pretty!

Categories for the Queer Bake-Off, "Bards & Bakers"

See "Tips and Ideas" for what might help you win a ribbon!

Youth Chefs

Young bakers (18 and under) are invited to bring their favorite treat that they made themselves for this NEW CATEGORY!



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